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A completely new indoor training method utilizing your iOS device

  • Use your iOS device as a training computer
  • For LiveRide series trainers
  • 3 training modes
  • Transferrable between multiple bikes
  • Add and customize your own courses
  • Requires WahooKey(ANT+ only)
  • Compatible with most BLE and ANT+ sensors
  • Share the data anywhere, anytime, with anyone
  • Not compatible with iPhone 3/3G, iPad 1 gen
  • Compatible Trainers

    Any trainer can be used with LiveTraining but the only functions that will work accurately are speed, cadence, heart rate functions, and course mapping.

  • Mode

    You can choose from 1) Course simulation mode, 2) Interval mode, and 3) Free riding mode.

    • Course Training Mode
      Mode for simulating various virtual courses
    • Interval Training Mode
      Mode for pattern training by repeating workout and rest
    • Free Run Mode
      Mode for free training without preset program
  • Configurations

    Set the bike type, trainer model, and the rider's personal data.

    • Configuration Main Menu
    • Bike Settings Menu
    • Set Bike Type
    • Set Odo Meter
    • Set Tire Size
    • Set Gear Ratio
    • Set Weights
    • Sensor Registration Menu
New Course design

There are 3 ways to add new courses.

  • Course Menu
  • Loading Course
  • Choose Course Creation
  • Import from LiveCycling
  • Course Profile

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