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GH SpeedBikes (GHSB) was set up as a subsidiary of Gin Huat Cycle Trading since 2010. GHSB is located in a strategic location in the highly populated The Strand Damansara, Kota Damansara, Selangor, Malaysia under the label of GH SpeedBikes Premium Store. GHSB serves as a one stop centre for full range of cycling related products and services ranging from junior bikes to high end bikes which includes junior bikes, mountain bikes, road bikes, TT bikes, fitness bikes, special bikes and a wide range of equipment’s such as clothing, helmets, shoes, gloves, saddles, sunglasses, wearing gear, wheels, tyres, pumps and all bike components. In addition, we also cater specially made bike, fittings and accessories for ladies.


GHSB has always emphasizes on high level of professionalism in term of quality and services at all times in order to ensure maximum satisfaction. GHSB service centre services are led by a dedicated team of bike specialists in order to ensure optimum quality of service. GHSB also provide after sales services to serve all its respective Clients/Customers. In addition, GHSB offer event ride and cycling activities on a weekly basis for all its loyal cyclists.


Above all, GHSB proudly established itself as one of the pioneer in bike fitting in Malaysia. Bike fitting is created to help cyclists ride in greater speed, enjoy longer lasting ride and in greater comfort while minimizing the risk of injury.
With our solid proven track record of quality and services, GHSB is poised for future growth in order to meet the increasing needs and demands in the market.

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